Name change and blog redesign.

Even though it has been silent on this blog I have been working hard behind the scenes to change things up on my slice of the internet. I’m changing things on the blog to resonate more with what I want to write and where I want this blog of mine to go.

Some of you may have noticed the name change. Cosmic Cloud Cadet wasn’t resonating with me anymore, I wanted something more simple and less cryptic. I felt that For The Creative Heart was much more straightforward to what this place is to me, and hopefully will be for to you too.

For The Creative Heart will slowly come to live at the end of this month. I’ll be blogging once weekly (baby steps and all that) and we’ll see how well things go from then on.

I’m still messing about with the blog design and all, so please forgive any hiccups you may see.

See you soon,


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On hold.


I have been thinking loads about the blog lately. I feel like this place is not bringing me much joy anymore. I don’t enjoy writing posts like I used to, nor do I feel motivated to photograph for the blog. I’ve been starting to think that I’ve been going at it the wrong way. Somewhere along the line I’ve lost sight of why I started this blog and what I wanted to achieve with it.

My last post, on where we ate in New York, was a bit of a test for myself really. I didn’t take that many pictures in New York, but I did have this idea to photograph our food and document where we ate. As you can read in my previous posts, it took me a long time to actually continue with editing these travel photos. And during my two week sick leave, I’ve set myself the goal to finish this blogpost and publish it before going back to work. Which I did, but it took me so long and all the while I felt like it was wrong. I found it dull, I didn’t like the style of the photos and if I hadn’t set myself this test, I probably wouldn’t have published it at all.

Slowly, it started to dawn on me that I really dislike my blog. I don’t like what it looks like. I dislike my own writing. And I don’t like how things are just so all over the place. And now I realise that I have lost the purpose of my blog.

I feel like it’s time to evaluate and rethink how I blog. And I want to do it right.
So for the moment, the blog will be put on hold while I figure things out behind the scenes.

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New York, where we ate…

New York restaurant recommendations

The Big Apple is of course known as one of the biggest cultural melting pots worldwide. When we’re in New York, one of our favourite things to do is to enjoy the gastronomical delights that all these cultures have brought from their homelands to this one city.

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